Sun Data

Year: 2017
Materials: stories produced by fiction and calibrated by experience digital print
Dimensions: 83cm x 350cm

This project is about collecting light conditions of different places by custom design for this device. The outcomes are numeric data files with the luminosity changes in time from the place of data harvest. Instead of interpreting the data in another sonic or visual form, I decide to allow the audience to read and reimagine what the data stands for. In addition, a tiny reader is provided with the method of data collection. The prints are named with the astronomical time and the geographical region where the light is collected. The concept is influenced by studies on perception, memory, and the construction of reality. According to them, each viewer would have a different image recollection based on the same non-visual information.

Software and electronics
Fabrice Moinet and _ptr

Presented at:
HISK open atelier, 2018
Light Matters, solo exhibition at Cunst-link, 2019

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