Year: 2018
Venue(s): Het Stadsmus, Hasselt

Het Stadsmus museum garden interventions with residents from The School and local young artists

Playground-like, small interventions in the garden – hidden objects, interactive analog installations, sound works, poetry. All designed as a narrative walk or exploration journey in the garden.



Ann Delbeke


Pepa Ivanova




Elias Ghekiere

Mia Bac

Nina Jørgensen

Pepa Ivanova

Guillaume Slizewicz?

Jeroen Boogaerts

Rebecca Jane Arthur

Yannick Wijnants



Liesbeth Huybrechts

Liesje Dessers

Pablo Hanon

Scenario 2018


Ik graag mijn klinkend hoofd

Interactief ervaren van de tuin van Het Stadsmus, Hasselt

duration – variable


– Start at the entrance of the garden from the office place.

– Step left and observe the entire garden from left to right and from right to left.

– Turn left and walk slowly beside the benches towards the left patio, while focusing on the sound of your steps.

– When between the steps turn towards the entrance of the inner garden and observe the surface of the hedge. Close your eyes and listen to the birds and insect, the smells carried by the wind… at the moment you decide, continue on the rose patio.

– on the left side of the ark, you can find transparent strings attached. Gently hit them

– continue your way on the patio under the plants. On the corner stand on the indicated spot facing the wall. Come close to it, try to smell it, keep your face so close to it so to feel the humid ether it emits, look at its skin covered by cracks, turn right up and see the tiny plant observing you.

– make a step back and turn, imagine the corridor in front differently, imagine the sounds of the glass bottles above your head, imagine a storm and strong wind blowing the leaves, imagine the dripping rain, and how the sun comes back, warmly and quite.

– make exactly 6 small steps and listen the sound of each one of them, then turn towards the field and try to focus for a bit on each small detail which grabs your attention. Now close your eyes and try to imagine this details again, their forms and positions.

– slowly move to the second corner of the rose patio, knock on the door

3 x differently, then knock on the metal plate inside the wall next to the door, try to combine the different sounds both produce.

– return to the patio and touch the different leaves so to feel their structure, one by one and all together, then enter the open field, stand in the middle facing the hedge, close your eyes and focus on your weight in your feet in contact with the grass, move the your weight slowly from one feet to the other few times.

– when turning back and walk to the last part of the patio trying to walk as close as possible to the plants so to feel the leaves on your skin

– at the end you will see a step in the ground in front of the wall, step on it facing the garden and push your body to the wall, spread your hands on it and feel it structure, close your eyes and try to recognize a single bird song while feeling the cold humidity of the wall entering through your clothes.

– enter the middle part of the garden and make a circle around the stone sculpture while observing the site around, make another one faster and another one running, now running fast.

– sit comfortably on the bench to take a breath, and try to not be bothered by the flies around you living in the hedge. They might get curious about you and come smell your fresh sweat.

– walk away towards the front part of the garden but stop at the edge of the hedge and touch it, put your hand on the surface and push it inside of it, stroke the hedge and smell it.

– walk slowly in the small alleyway, listen to the birds and wind and cars and talks, all mixed together. In front of the covered by leaves, closed ark you are on your own…


Thank you for being with me


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