Six Tunnels

Year: 2017
Materials: Public intervention

PASSAGE – public intervention at F. Basse tunnel, Brussels. 2017
In collaboration with Lode Vranken and De Bouwerij Architecten

Part of Six Tunnels project initiated by Recyclart in collaboration with Stad van Brussel,
Duurzaam Wijkcontract Jonction & No New Enemies
Recyclart — Agenda, SIXTUNNELS PROJECT
With the kind support of CARGLAS, Belgium, and Cederic Clerx

The motivation behind this public intervention is to create a quiet contemplative place, which contrasts the diversity of the area but also acts as a connective element. The design of the installation derives from a notion of transition via reflecting on the neighborhood. Glass as a medium and specifically the car windshields are chosen in regard to the crossing and viewing the world from a reflective, refractive perspective.

The project is participative and interacts with the local inhabitants through a series of interactive events, where they become actively involved in the creation of the installation. Their stories, written in different native languages draw images of hope, struggle, joy, or satisfaction. Our meetings are enormous feedback to me even before the work is completed.

At one of the participative moments organized in front of Recyclart in Brussels, I asked a shy 18-year-old boy from Syria to write me a story about his journey to Belgium. He hesitated because of the language but then he saw another Arabic text written and agreed. I told him to use the entire glass surface, he nodded and wrote in Arabic and then in English – “ I miss you mom”

Workshops were initiated at several locations in de Marolles, Brussels
– 2nd June with students from Academy des beaux-arts
– 14th June at De Buiteling
– 1st July at Fête de Quartier
– 6th July (Holidays Festival in front of Recyclart),
– and one between 10th and 22th July Maison de Quartier.

The government had stopped the entire 6 Tunnel project before the final realization. The collected stories were selected and presented in a glass installation at the “SCENE & UNSEEN”Group exhibition at Kasteel d’Aspermont-Lynden, Oud-Rekem, Belgium – 15th July –

30th September 2018

Tags Public art

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