Year: 2018
Materials: glass, gelrite, dyes

Decay, is a general name for research in collaboration with María Boto and Laboratorieumbio at KASK, Ghent. It uses biomaterials, extracted from living microorganisms, which are a less polluting alternative to petrochemical-based materials used mainly in mass production. Natural algae-based dyes are enclosed in transparent blown glass sculptures allowing light and heat to interact with the algae living organisms. The colours decompose, intertwine, and are adorned with multiple shades over the course of the exhibition. As if to remind us of the inexorable decline of living species, and to place ourselves in our relationship to time and the environment surrounding us. This work is the result of research made in collaboration with María Boto and at KASK, Ghent over the characteristics of biologically extracted colours. The gel medium, where the dyes are injected is based on bacteria (Sphingomonas elodea) naturally found in the lily tissue. The colored substances are produced from various blue and green spirulina as well as fluorescent pink from Phycoerythrin algae, dark red to violet from cochineal bug, a synthetic dietary supplement, coloring the farmed salmon, and orange carotene.


The project was presented at:

2021 curated by moss, solo exhibition
Differences 2021 HISK show
NOVA XX 2019 – group exhibition at Wallonie-Brussels Centre, Paris, 29th November – 5th January 2020
KIKK festival 2019 – Digital & Creative Cultures festival, Namur, 31st October – 3 November
SEEING TOGETHER: A Synopsis – group exhibition, Zwarte Zaal, KASK/ School of Arts, Ghent, 18th September – 6th October
Solo exhibition ‘Light Matters’ at Cunst-link, Brussels, 2019
BAZA award, Sofia City Gallery, 2018

Co-produced and presented by KIKK festival, Namur
My gratitude to Marie Chastel, María Boto, Eric Pipien and Bloe van Eeckhout

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