Year: 2022
Materials: glass, metal, electronics
Dimensions: 55cmx55cmx35cm/40cm/45cm
Venue(s): Le Pavilon, Namur 2023

“Warmth” is about ‘touching’ the sun, feeling its living energy, and boiling-emitting structure. I decided on this particular installation taking into account the limitations in time and the precious experiences working in a sci-art collaborative environment. It takes time to find common grounds and fruitful discussions, getting into the observational process, recognizing the observed phenomena, and understanding the data analysis and archiving. With that concern, I want to invest my residency in learning more about solar observational tools and data, but also how scientists perceive and explain the solar phenomena, describe the solar surface, and how they are also a sensorial tool of the sun? All the collected information will be used to design an expression of the solar surface and a score for the sound of the installation.

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