Hunters of Dreams

Year: 2009
Materials: Installation, ropes, blacklight
Venue(s): Verbeke foundation

They can write another’s dreams, to live in these dreams like in they own house and to hunt – man, thing or animal. One of the oldest archives of a dream hunter says: “Dreaming we feel like a fish in the water – sometimes we come to the surface, touch with eye the world of the shore and then fast and thirsting we go back down because we feel good only in the depths. When for a short time we came on the surface, we see one strange creation, more clumsy from us, it breathe not like us and stick with all his heaviness for the ground. Beside he doesn’t have the pleasure in which we live here like in own body. Down in the depths, body and pleasure are inseparably and are the same. We are also this outside creation, but after million years and between us and it, lie terrible misfortune of everyone which dare to separate the body from the pleasure…” Legend further tells about a famous reader of dreams who can go very deep into the secret. He knows how to tame fishes in others dreams, to open doors there, to dive in the dreams more than anyone else before, even from God because God is in the bottom of every dream”

“Hazarian dictionary” by Milorad Pavic

I would like to thank for the given possibility to work in Verbeke foundation, and all my true friends – without them the realization of my work would be impossible.

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