Extracting Matter

Year: 2017
Materials: site-specific, ceramics installation | 45 pieces

This amorphous structure of multiplied forms grows out of a surface and aims to colonize and extent in the given territory. Like a virus, a fungus, a Gestalt extracting itself in its purest mater. In the composition, each piece stands autonomously despite being part of a larger structure. Because of the obvious alikeness of the pieces, they can be considered the same and different according to their position and function. Graham Harman explains “objects exist as autonomous units, but they also exist in conjunction with their qualities, accidents, and moments without being reducible to those (Latour, 2009). Alined with this thought the organic design of the shapes invites for various conceptions about their origin and representation.

The work was presented at The Grid and The Cloud exhibition: How to connect, Brussels, curated by Elena Sorokina, HISK, November 2017 and SCEEN UNSEEN exhibition, Kasteel d’Aspermont-Lynden, Oud-Rekem, Belgium – 15th July – 30th September 2018

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