GRISP – (Grasping the Invisible Sun Data)

Fictional Observations Series
2017, monotype silkscreen, 60cmx45 KHM, Malmö / KASK, Ghent

Are not actual solar observations though they resemble spectrograms used by scientists to read in detail visual observations. The prints are abstract graphic works, produced in a monotype technique, which means that each print is unique, as the daily observations of the Sun, can never be the same. Often artists take inspiration from the scientific objectives and methods, interpreting science through their means of expression. In this particular artwork, I reverse the process by inviting astrophysicist Dr. Jasmina Magdalenic from the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) to interpret my prints. She could easily reimagine observational phenomena and patterns in the artworks. I asked her to write on the prints directly as for me they are collaborative work, complete by both of us. I observed she had the same overwhelming, respectful attitude towards the graphic works as I have towards her scientific knowledge and readings.

This work is part of the objectives of “An Echo of the Sun” PhD research at KULeuven/LUCA, Ghent and it concerns the autopoetics of solar observational data.

“An Echo of the Sun” PhD research at KULeuven/LUCA, Ghent

Copyright © Pepa Ivanova | 2021

Copyright © Pepa Ivanova | 2021