Sun Data - Picturing light on Earth

  • Sun Data is a multidisciplinary research project in the fields of new materialism and digital humanities and emphasizes how the technological development influences contemporary art practices. The outcome of the research and the developed discourse will be periodically presented during lectures, brainstormings and exhibitions.
    In the flow of thing-less information, the objectives of arts are more often conceptualized and archived in the digital realities, and therefore always present and accessible. This particular research in its final execution suggests principles for sonification of observational data into field recording compositions based on sounds on the earth.
  • Ph.D project proposal resulting from the Start Project research at KASK, Antwerp

  • Author: Pepa Ivanova Collaborators: Radoslav Borisov, Fabrice Moinet, Pieter Heremans Thanks to: Ph.D Petra Vanlommel, Ph.D Johan Pas, Ph.D Špela Petrič, Prof.Dr. Stefaan Poedts, Ph.D Katrien Kolenberg Supporting institutions: Royal Academy of Fine Arts(KASK), Antwerpen | Start Project Research with Thinking Tools, 2017; Higher Institute for Fine Arts(HISK), Ghent, laureate 2016-2017; Royal Observatory of Belgium(ROB), Uccle, 2015-present
  • Masterclass: Collapsing the Sun into the Earth or how to imagine fictions stories of the present?

    February 5-9, Extra City, Antwerp

    Masterclasses Academiejaar 2017-2018 Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen Sint Lucas Antwerpen

    Light Data Harvesting - Stamsund, Ghent, Teheran, on-going

    Performative lecture with Petra Vanlommel and Špela Petrič, Invited by bolwerk during LODGERS #2, 20th June, MhKA 2015.