A. me, B. water, C. I see, D. scent
October, 2017, brass, glass, plastic, textile, body samples, 38cmx54cm

With her self-portraits, Pepa Ivanova aims to encapsulate information about herself at the age of 33. The engraved brass plates consist of biological information, textile samples of her clothes and some characteristics of her personality. While the reflecting, brass surfaces and the absence of an actual facial representation call for “seeing through the other”. Evoking a resemblance with the viewer’s appearance resonates with the author’s perception of herself as being part of the human kinship. Elena Sorokina, 2017

The portraits where presented at The Grid and the Cloud: How to connect exhibition, Brussels, 2017 and BAZA award, Sofia City Gallery, 2018.
Two of them are currently in display at Astea Solutions AD, Sofia

BAZA award, Sofia City Gallery, 2018

Copyright © Pepa Ivanova | 2021

Copyright © Pepa Ivanova | 2021