Grasping the invisible. Harmonic compositions tuned by the fine structures in the solar plasma

The research explores mediative remixing in the observational data with sound composing, analogue and digital art practices aiming to grasp the invisible notion of information embodied and objectified by the means of art interpretation.

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Sun Data

aims to resolute an image of the light circumstances present on Earth for a period of time. Similare to a photograph only enliven by our own imagination, unfold trough time and the our gaze running through the data narration.

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Drawings of Time and Circumstances

My performed act of "drawing" is rather facilitating friendly conditions for the drawings to appear. Sheets of paper, humidity, warmth... seem so harmless yet inevitable destructive.

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  • HERFST early mornings
  • audio visual album
  • release edition - 15 unique pieces, USB, mixed media
  • december, 2016
  • The album reveal an early morning journey to the country side of Belgium. The compositions consist of sounds, images and video recorded during the journey. Texts depict situations and circumstances silent for the recorder and guide the listener in a storytelling manner.
  • many thanks
  • Michael Harding and TOUCH, UK
  • Lukas Verdijk ,video recordings and edit
  • Fabrice Moinet, sound engineering
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