I am a visual and sound artist creating site-specific installations, light and sound compositions, transient sculptures, and performed interventions in the public space.
My work focuses on the materialization of the invisible and exploration in different matters. I deconstruct experiences, bringing awareness of the discrepancies between our unprocessed sensory input and the mind-facilitated construction of our environment.

I often employ perceptual and scientific phenomena in contexts, which dissect an idea into fragments of textual data observation, light properties and sounds in order to deconstruct its initial function and properties.

I work across disciplines to explore the multi- sensorial properties of the work, resulting in a polytypic opus of material and immaterial objects I refer to as ‘drawings on to reality’. Owing to the transmedial quality of the work, I often engage in collaborations with scientists, software and hardware experts, performers, and sound artists whose knowledge expands my insights, enabling me to fluidly combine different media to achieve surprising and often subliminal accents to our mundane experiences.


Presentation of works